I want to start by saying this “Fuck you EA.” That was a relief.

Now for the rant, what happened to respecting people? What happened to respecting the value of your audiences time and money? Are you all just that fucking greedy to just not care anymore? You fuckers think that you can do whatever you want and get away.

You make entertainment software right? So what the fuck happened to entertainment? What the fuck happened to sanity? I am losing my shit over how your unfair practices have caused me so much headache. All I wanted to do was play Battlefield 3 online after finally affording a PC capable enough and an internet capable enough to actually play it. Then after downloading 35 GB of data you tell me I can’t play it? And for what because your software is so bad that it can’t recognize that I have the client running ? And BTW why the fuck do I need to open a fucking browser to launch a fucking game when I already have your stupid client installed? Then what the fuck is the point of your Origin client? Why don’t you take it behind the barn and shoot it? Even after waiting for 30 minutes there was no customer support.

And since when it was okay for games to download shit that I am not going to use without my permission? All the extra fucking micro-transaction shit, all the expansion packs and all the hundreds of fucking Gigabytes of data that I didn’t consent to. What the fuck happened to honesty? Is this going to be the future of cutting edge gaming? You guys have ruined gaming for me. I vow to never ever by a single game from EA ever, no matter how good they are. Hell I will stay away from latest AAA gaming. Fuck you, especially you EA.

Building this as I go, discovering more as I go.